Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items can SPSS World Cargo ship?

SPSS World Cargo specializes in shipping a wide range of items including luxury and classic cars, caravans, RVs, boats, motorbikes, household goods, and commercial cargo. We provide tailored solutions for each type of shipment, ensuring safe and efficient transport.

Do you provide international shipping services?

Yes, SPSS World Cargo offers comprehensive international shipping services. Our global network spans key locations such as Dubai, Africa, Australia, the USA, and our main port in Antwerp, Belgium, enabling us to ship to and from nearly any destination worldwide.

How is the cost of shipping calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on various factors including the type of goods, weight, dimensions, destination, shipping method (air, sea, or land), and additional services like packing, insurance, or expedited shipping.

Can I track my shipment?

Absolutely. SPSS World Cargo provides an advanced tracking system that allows you to monitor your shipment’s progress in real-time, giving you transparency and peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

What kind of insurance coverage do you offer for shipped goods?

We offer comprehensive insurance options to protect your goods against loss, damage, or theft during transit. Our policies are customizable to match the value and nature of your shipment, ensuring complete financial protection.

hat are your policies and procedures for customs and international regulations?

SPSS World Cargo is well-versed in handling customs clearance and adhering to international shipping regulations. We manage all necessary documentation and legal requirements, ensuring a smooth and compliant shipping process for your goods.

How do you ensure the safety and security of the cargo during transit?

Our commitment to safety and security is paramount. We employ rigorous packing, crating, and securing techniques, use high-quality materials, and adhere to strict handling protocols to ensure that your cargo is protected throughout its journey.

What is the process for shipping oversized or non-standard items like vehicles or caravans?

For oversized or non-standard items, we conduct a detailed assessment to determine the best shipping method. We provide specialized handling, including custom crating and padding, and use appropriate shipping containers or RoRo services to accommodate the size and requirements of each item.

What should I do if my shipment is delayed or lost?

In the unlikely event of a delay or loss, please contact our customer support team immediately. We will investigate the issue, keep you informed throughout the process, and work diligently to resolve it in accordance with our policies and your insurance coverage.

Do you offer packing and crating services?

Yes, we offer professional packing and crating services. Our team uses the highest quality materials and employs expert techniques to ensure your items are well-protected during transit.

Are there expedited or express shipping options available?

es, SPSS World Cargo offers expedited and express shipping options to meet your urgent delivery needs. Contact us to discuss the details and we’ll tailor a solution to ensure your shipment arrives on time.

How can I obtain a quote for my shipping needs?

To obtain a quote, simply contact us through our website, phone, or email. Provide us with details about your shipment, and we’ll offer a personalized, transparent, and competitive quote based on your specific requirements.

What sustainability practices does SPSS World Cargo follow in shipping?

SPSS World Cargo is committed to sustainability. We continually seek ways to reduce our environmental impact by optimizing our logistics routes, using eco-friendly packing materials, and adhering to regulations that promote sustainability in the shipping industry.